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Santa's Tailor

Custom made suits for Santa's helpers

Is your current Santa suit showing signs of wear, or are you in search of a fresh style? Our team of Santa's expert elves brings years of experience in helping Santa's associates and helpers create a brand-new suit, a fresh look, or a unique vibe for your seasonal gatherings. Get ready to elevate your Santa attire to a whole new level!


Crafting your Santa Persona

Our suit creation process begins with a personalized consultation with our head elf tailor. Whether you're envisioning a traditional, modern, ethnic-inspired, or flashy Santa suit, our tailor will work closely with you to design the perfect attire for your events. We discuss every detail, from fabric choices to trims and fasteners, ensuring your outfit matches your unique style and needs.

Next, we meticulously take your measurements, ideally in person, but we can also provide a measurement chart and instructions for those at a distance. With these precise measurements, we craft custom patterns tailored to your Santa wear.

For unconventional designs and local customers, we may even create a mockup for your approval before commencing the cutting and construction process. We strive to provide a fitting experience akin to tailored suits, ensuring a perfect fit for your costume.

If you're located too far for an in-person fitting, rest assured that we make every effort to ensure a proper fit. In the rare event of any fit issues, we're committed to making it right for you.

Showcasing our Craftsmanship

Santa and Female Elf with Reindeer on a Festive Farm - A Magical Holiday Scene Featuring Santa, His Trusty Elf, and a Reindeer Amidst the Seasonal Splendor.
Custom-Made Green Female Elf Costume - A Unique and Enchanting Outfit That Adds a Touch of Whimsy and Elegance to the Holiday Season.

Contact Santa's Tailor or +1-289-244-7922

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